Antalya Bilim University has 4 type of scholarships for International Students.


1.Achievement Scholarship

Achievement scholarships are offered to students who are placed in our university without a scholarship but have a GPA of 3.30 and above (out of 4.00). A limited quota is offered in order of merit.


2.Sports Scholarship

Sports scholarships are offered for students who attend sports activities on behalf of our university and/or

represent our university, upon the review of the Scholarship and Financial Aid Commission. The duration and amount of the scholarship to be offered will be determined by the commission, approved by the Rector and put into effect. A scholarship which starts in the Fall or Spring Semester will end at the end of the relevant academic year. The scholarship application can be renewed at the beginning of the following academic year.


3.Disability Scholarship
In accordance with the Regulations on Disability Criteria and Classification, and Medical Board Reports Given to Disabled People (Law no: 5378 dated 01/07/2005), disabled students are offered a discount on their tuition fees in proportion to the degree of their disabilities after deducting their SSPC (OSYM) scholarships, provided that they can provide medical reports. Students whose disability degrees are between 60% and 80% will be provided with financial aid of 25% in addition to their SSPC scholarships, and students whose disability degrees are between 80% and 100% will be offered financial aid of 50% in addition to their SSPC scholarships. Extra aid to be offered to disabled students will be reviewed and determined by the Scholarship Commission. The duration of the scholarships is 5 (five) years including the preparatory class.


4. Extra Scholarship Opportunity for Prospective Students

- The first 10 applicants to ABU will receive a 25% extra discount.

- International students with %70 or more success with their high school scores may be eligible for scholarship.

- Scores for National and International exams can be considered to obtain a greater scholarship.

- The first student registering from any new country currently not represented in our University will receive a 75% scholarship.


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