2. Friday Architecture Talks

C. Abdi Güzer has graduated from the Department of Architecture at Middle East Technical University in 1982. He has received the             British Council research award and studied ‘Architectural Criticism’ at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne. Güzer received his          doctoral degree on the same topic from METU where he is currently                offering courses on architectural criticism and leading a group in 4th year architectural  design studio.

He acted as the Vice Chair of the Department of Architecture, Director of the Program, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Architecture at METU and the General Secretary of Association of Architects 1927. At present he is the president of the Association of Architects 1927. Güzer has been a jury member in several   architectural competitions and                received many awards and mentions including three first prizes. He realizes most of his projects through METU and has several completed projects including MATPUM, which received YEM design award in 2008. Among his research interests are architectural criticism, concepts and applications in contemporary architecture, housing and mass-housing, urban design and transformation projects, environmental design and sustainability.

Within our event “Friday Architecture Talks”, Celal Abdi Güzer talked about ‘Re-thinking architectural criticism as a tool for architectural design’. In the first part of conference he talked about criticism and according to him, differentiating is the way we understand the world.  Güzer explained more about what people have known about criticism in daily life and how much important ‘criticising’ in our life and how criticism is related to other disciplines in architecture world. He said ‘Architectural criticism most of the time refers to other disciplines like literature, history and philosophy to create its own path.’ After the meaning of criticism, he emphasized the questions which we have to ask to ourselves such as how do we understand and evaluate the world, what is happening around us, where does this architecture come from, where all these architectural discussions come from, where all these ‘izms’ which means significant design behaviour, and lots of things that students in architecture have to learn, come from. This was the second part of his speech. While delivering the important points of ‘Industrial Revolution’ to the audiences, Güzer explained what is happening in bigger scale in real life and how it reflects to architecture. For the last part of the conference, he explained the process related to the projects he worked on, mentioning how much important architectural criticism in order to create your own preferences and privileges while approaching to a design problem. For him, it helps to create your own world within the cultural accumulation of the other world. According to this process, Güzer explained his projects in Antalya, Ankara and in most of parts of Turkey and also abroad.