Within the scope of the Civil Defense Week, SAR Search and Rescue and TRAC (Turkish Radio Amateurs Society) jointly organized a seminer at ABU.

The Chairperson of the Executive Board of SAR Search and Rescue Association Erdem Akın, TA4E TRAC Secretary General Muhsin Bozkurt, TA4B TRAC Chairperson of Antalya Branch Selim ŞANLI, TA4ATA TRAC Headquarters Excutive Board Member and Antalya Branch Vice Chairperson Sıtkı ATASOY and TA4AYT TRAC Antalya Branch Executive Board Member Nedim Aymen participated into the event.

The emphasis of the seminar was on the importance of communication in the event of earthquakes and emergency situations. Accordingly, SAR Chairperson of the Executive Board Erdem Akın talked about the functioning of SAR, and earthquakes in Turkey and abroad. He underlined the common mistakes made during the earthquakes, and reminded us that Turkey was an earthquakes zone and we must learn how to live with eartquakes.

Radio Communication   

TRAC Chairperson of Antalya Branch Muhsin Bozkurt talked about the functioning of the society which was founded to introduce and spread amateur radio activities, which are helpful in improving both technical knowledge and the sense of social responsibility in Turkey. TRAC members underlined the importance of radio communication during earthquakes, and shared their experiences with several earthquakes in Turkey and abroad with the participants. At the end of the event, souvenir photos were taken.