Assistant Professor Hilal KAZAN / Computer Engineering

Our professor Hilal Kazan went to grade school in Bursa, finished high school in the İzmir Science High School, and earned his undergraduate degree at Istanbul’s Sabancı University’s Computer Science department, during which he attended Uppsala University in Sweden under the Erasmus transfer program in his junior year and had a summer internship at the Sloan Kettering Cancer Institute in New York. He took high school electives in biology and bioinformatics, and during his summer internship explored how computer science could be applied to problems in molecular biology, and then continued research in this area after graduation.

Hilal Kazan continued his education abroad, earning his Master’s and doctorate at Canada’s University of Toronto. Along with other researchers, Dr. Kazan has published research articles in such prestigious journals as Nature, Nature-Biotechnology and PLoS Computational Biology on how proteins connect to RNA. While earning his doctorate, Dr. Kazan performed research at Microsoft Research in Cambridge, England. During that time, he worked with doctors at the University of Manchester on researching genetic and environmental factors affecting asthma. This provided institutions outside of academia with information that they may be able to use. 

After completing his doctorate, Hilal Kazan fled the cold of Canada for Antalya International University. He plans to visit Antalya’s nearby cities and environs on the rare occasions when his own and his wife’s free time overlap.