AIU Said “NO!” to Violence against Women

Antalya Bilim University hosted a social awareness event on the occasion of 25 November International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. The slogan of the event was determined as “No to any kind of violence!” to raise awareness about violence and discrimination against women. As part of the event, organized in cooperation between the Coordinator of Social Responsibility Projects Hatice Şeker and students, Lawyer Ebru İşten gave a speech on “Legal Aspects of Violence against Women,” and Press and Public Relations Specialist Nazmiye Köseer on “Language of Violence on Media.”


Students from ABU Theatre Club performed a play called “Wedding or Anniversary not Acceptible between the Two Eids,” which pointed to the possible problems that the children growing up in quarrelsome family environment may face due to psychological violence. Another performance “A Rib Ache” was dealing with the problem of kid brides and received a loud applause. Finally, the students left their handprints on a canvas called “Silent Scream of a Women” to say “No!” to violence.