The Department of Civil Engineering Trip to ASAT

The department of Civil Engineering at ABU in collaboration with ASAT (Antalya Water Utility) has organized a field trip to the main wastewater treatment plant at Lara- Antalya. This visit was part of a Water Engineering Course offered by Dr Ziyad Abunada and with the assistant of Mr Özgün AKDEĞİRMEN aims to educate the fourth year students about the water quality and water treatment techniques. The visit aimed at explaining the parts of the wastewater treatment plant at Lara sites well as introducing the students to the real treatment processes taking place at the treatment plant. Students were able to combine the theoretical knowledge they gain in the classroom with the actual experience which enabled them to better understanding and involvement in the subject of the wastewater treatment. The students were accompanied by the director of the treatment plant who explained the parts of the treatment facility in addition to the detail processes taking place.