The Directors of Döşemealtı Women’s Football Team Visited Rector İsmail Yüksek

The Directors of 1207 Antalya Döşemealtı Municipality Women’s Football Team visited our Rector Prof. Dr. İsmail Yüksek.

During their visit to Mr. Yüksek in his office,the President of Döşemealtı Municipality Women’s Football Team Süleyman Türk, Vice-President Cevat Yanar, and Director of Football Hüseyin Türk, gave him a uniform of their team as a present with his name on it.  They gave information about their town Döşemealtı, the team and women’s football to Mr. Yüksek. Rector Yüksek expressed his pleasure from the visit and said: "I am passionate about football. Now, I am a member of the Board of Management of Trabzonspor. Döşemealtı is a rapidly growing and developing town. It is so important to have a women’s football team in the super league. Our university may cooperate with your team in joint projects. We may organize matches and panels in our university to help young people, especially women students, to like football." President of the team Süleyman Türk and Vice President Cevat Yanar said that they would be pleased to be part of joint organizations which will promote their town, ABU, and sports.