Bahadır Kul at AIU

The well-known architect Bahadır Kul was the guest speaker of the last session of Friday Architecture Talks organized by ABU School of Architecture. The title of his speech was “Dialogues with Cities,” and his theme was “4 Different Cultures, 4 Different Identites, 4 Different Places.” He explained how this theme shaped their approach to projects, and mentioned their experiences during the process. Mr. Kul talked about their projects in 4 different cities with 4 different identites. He highlighted that they attached great importance to sustainable environment and architecture, hence they acted in a way which put the human in the center and would not damage the human nature, but at the same time being aware of the urban aspect of the job.  He said “Architecture is an art form, which enables us to touch the human,” to emphasize once again the importance they attach to the happiness of the nature and the people in their projects.  He also repeated that their design processes were human-centered. Mr. Kul summarized the secret of his success in a single sentence: “A person who is not happy cannot design happiness, and added that he loved his job so much that he owoed his success to it. In the question and answer session, one of the students asked “What would you change şf you were a student again?” Mr Kul’s answer was: “I would travel and learn a lot.” He ended his talk with some advice to the studuents.