Undergraduate Research Fair

Undergraduate Research Fair

Undergraduate Research Fair was held at Antalya Bİlim University on May 18th, 2017. 20 students from College of Business developed projects in many fields based on communal, social, historical, educational areas and were voted by the jury consisted of the professors from ABU’s experienced academic staff.

We are aware of our students’ potential.

Students gave detailed information to the participants about their projects which they developed through questionnaires. The students had the chance to present various contemporary topics of today, such as; the effect of social media use on students’ success average, the significance of the locations for utilizing waste, the encouragement over the choice of brand consumption among students, the future of face-to-face education. Assist. Prof. Işılay Talay Değirmenci from ABU College of Business, stated “we are aware of our students’ potential, and they have proven how equipped they are with these projects.”

Damla Sönmez and Sevgi Eren to the First Place

In the fair voted by five academicians, Damla Sönmez and Sevgi Eren came first with their shared project “People’s Perception on Our Lifestyle Choices: Tattoo and Headscarf.” The second place was for Bengisu Yavuzyılmaz and Fatma Jeddah Hasabubaba’s shared project “Food Waste Management in Hotels in Antalya” which aimed at the management of the waste food of the hotels in Antalya area and how to deliver it to the people in need. The third place was taken by Mehdi Mednini and Omer Turki’s shared project “A Comparative Study of Turkish and International Students.” The students were presented their prizes by Prof. Hamza Kandur, the Vice Rector of Antalya Bilim University.