ELT Seminar


Penny Ur, one of the foremost writers and trainers in the world of ELT, is meeting with English instructors in Antalya as part of the first ELT Seminar, hosted by Antalya International University.

Seminar Brochure (PDF File)
Fee: 30 TL

Registiration: Thank you very much for your interest in our ELT seminar! Because the number of attendees has reached the capacity of the venue, we are no longer accepting new registration forms. We are planing to organise another ELT seminer in 2017.Please follow us on sofl.antalya.edu.tr

For further questions please contact us at elt.events@antalya.edu.tr
All registred participants will be given a certificate of attendance at the end of the conference. All conference participants will automatically be entered into our prize raffle.