(1)* Students who can document that they are proficient in English by meeting the achievement criteria determined by the Senate on one of the international tests again recognized by the Senate can start their undergraduate programs directly. 
(2) In order that the test results will be considered, the originals of the result documents must be submitted within the period in which the test results are valid. The School of Foreign Languages has the right to investigate the results and reject the test results which are found suspicious.
*ABU Directive Regarding The English Training Program of the School of Foreign Languages Article 10
The accepted scores by Senate are as below:
PTE Academic: 62, (minimum 59 points for each section)

Students who cannot document their English proficiency levels must take the Proficiency Test and are required to take the minimum points determined by the Senate. Otherwise, they are liable to attend the English Language Training Program offered by the School of Foreign Languages.

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