Design Talk with Wangan | 11.12.2023

Our recent design talk “Experience Design in Interiors” with Wangan Studio, which is an interdisciplinary design studio, was on December 11, 2023, at 13:30. Our Interior Architecture and Environmental Design students had the privilege of engaging with Wangan Studio, a distinguished firm that stands out in the design landscape. The participants, including Mert Can Uz Yıldırım, Kerem Özerler, and Kutay Yorulmaz, who are interior architects and co-founders of Wangan Studio, shared their deep insights in terms of experience design. This virtual event hosted online, facilitated a dynamic exchange of ideas.

Wangan Studio, headquartered in Istanbul, not only represented their innovative design approach with a focus on Experience Design in interiors but also highlighted their comprehensive services, including concept design, project, and fit-out services. Through these offerings, Wangan Studio adeptly addresses architectural and interior needs based on a unique mindset and proactive methods. Additionally, through custom research methodologies, they provide strategic guidance on how to establish, grow, and upscale a brand. This holistic approach was evident throughout the talk, aligning seamlessly with our Interior Architecture and Environmental Design program's principles.

This design talk and interaction provided valuable pieces of knowledge for our students, deepening their understanding of designing experiences in interiors. The expertise shared by Wangan Studio serves as an inspiration, encouraging our students to apply these insights to their academic and professional endeavors. The collaborative spirit between Wangan Studio and our students continues to shape a holistic educational experience in Interior Architecture and Environmental Design.