Orientation Program | 02.10.2023

Our department welcomed the first-grade students with an engaging orientation program that commenced on October 2, 2023, at 10:00. Our first graders participated in this informative program chaired by their advisors. The presentation offered a comprehensive overview of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design education, encompassing a balanced mix of practical, theoretical, and studio courses. Students had the privilege of meeting mentors, a dedicated team of academicians and industry professionals, poised to guide their academic journey.

The orientation program delved into the hierarchical workings of our department, ensuring a structured and supportive academic environment. Communication channels, including the official university Website, Instagram, YouTube, e-mail, Learning Management System (LMS), and University Bulletin System (UBS), were highlighted to keep students informed. The program also offered insights into departmental guidelines for academic and professional success. An interactive question and answer session allowed students direct engagement with faculty members.

Exploration of the profession and industry with representatives from the Chamber of Interior Architects Antalya Branch broadened perspectives. Connecting with both full-time and part-time faculty members provided valuable knowledge. This orientation program stands as a foundational experience that enriched the academic journey, offering an immersive exploration into the vast possibilities within the field of Interior Architecture. Our heartfelt appreciation goes to faculty members and sector professionals involved in making this past event a resounding success. As we reflect on this journey, we remain committed to fostering a collaborative and inspiring academic environment for our students.