Our Student Who Won First Place in the "Special Interfaces for Students with Autism" Competition

Sponsored by Baba Yapı, in collaboration with the General Center of the Chamber of Interior Architects of TMMOB, Tohum Autism Foundation, and Değer Autism Association, the award ceremony for the first "Special Interfaces for Autistic Students" competition took place on March 14, 2024. In the Fall Semester of 2023-2024, students participated in the competition within the scope of the IAED 3301 Interior Human Factors course conducted by Dr. Yaren Şekerci. We are proud and delighted to announce that the student who won first place in the furniture category is our third-year student from the Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design at Antalya Bilim University, Türkü Yılmaz.

Türkü Yılmaz, with her design titled "Multipurpose Game Table," provides multiple functionalities in a single table. The tables are designed to be used both individually and combined for group activities, with the primary function being a modular game table for playing educational games that contribute to the development of autistic children. The table has storage compartments in its central areas, allowing for the use of different toys and educational sets.

The second function of our modular table creates an educational space. If a teacher responsible for the students’ needs to conduct an activity for educational purposes that all children should listen to, they can rearrange the modular tables accordingly. This arrangement ensures that each child has a table in front of them, allowing them to comfortably listen to their teacher.

In its third function, we see a table that caters to more students, resembling a conference table but narrower in width and longer in length. This design allows teachers to keep more children together and, if desired, interact with them more closely.

This successful table design by our student has been produced and put into operation by Baba Yapı for the use of autistic students at Tohum Autism Foundation and Değer Autism Association.

We congratulate our students on their achievements and wish them continued success.