Antalya Bilim University Interior Architecture and Environmental Design department students had an important cultural experience with the educational tour they held at Antalya Archeology Museum on November 3, 2023, between 14.00-16.00, as part of the "Space Design History II - IAED 2203" course. This event aims to provide students with a comprehensive overview of the history of design from ancient times to the present.

Ozan Usanmaz, who continues his doctoral studies in Archeology at Akdeniz University, gave our students in-depth information about the artifacts in the Antalya Archaeological Museum. This didactic guidance greatly contributed to students' understanding of the historical and cultural context of space design.

This event, organized by Antalya Bilim University, allows our students to reinforce their academic knowledge with a practical experience. Such interactions contribute to the professional development of students in order to discover cultural heritage and understand the evolutionary process of space design. On this occasion, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to our valuable guide Ozan Usanmaz for the informative guidance he provided to the students.