DAMEN Shipyards Technical Trip | 07.11.2023

On November 7, 2023, at 10:00, our department organized a memorable technical tour to DAMEN Shipyards. During this tour, Interior Architecture and Environmental Design students expanded the boundaries of interior design, shaping their future by stepping into the enchanting world of elegantly crafted yacht designs. The technical tour provided an opportunity for our students to gain a close understanding of boat production processes and took place with the enthusiastic participation of our third-year students.

We extend our gratitude to İrem BAYRAM, who graciously hosted us throughout the tour, Yacht Interior Coordinator F. Ülker BOZDOĞAN, who shared their knowledge and expertise with us, Interior Architect Mertcan SEÇER, and Onurcan SES.

Throughout the excursion, we delved into the aesthetic intricacies of materials used in yacht interior designs, the meticulously organized details of applied systems, and the guidelines that blend design with craftsmanship. This unique experience offered by DAMEN Shipyards not only enriched our students' professional awareness but also fostered the development of their creative visions. The collaboration between our students and the successful DAMEN family, as showcased in this industry-university partnership, left an illuminating mark on our students' future projects and careers.