Design Talk with YönTime | 09.11.2023

We had a design talk on "Signage/Wayfinding" held on November 9, 2023, at 13:00, with YönTime, architectural wayfinding systems. The participants were Interior Architect Nazlıcan Atalar and Industrial Designer Efdal Akçay who enriched our online event. This engaging session provided valuable insights into the intricate world of signage and wayfinding.

YönTime, a leading company specializing in signage and wayfinding systems, presented their expertise during the event. In contrast to merely selling wayfinding products, YönTime prides itself on delivering the best customer service, enhancing customer experience, and fostering a unique company culture. Their commitment extends beyond providing wayfinding solutions to demonstrating how it is possible to inspire the world by simultaneously offering long-term, sustainable happiness to customers, employees, vendors, and the community.

This design talk and interaction served as a platform for our Interior Architecture and Environmental Design students to gain deeper insights into the sector of signage and wayfinding. We express our gratitude to Interior Architect Nazlıcan Atalar, Industrial Designer Efdal Akçay, and YönTime for contributing to this enriching and collaborative design dialogue. The shared knowledge and inspiration from such events continue to shape a holistic educational experience in our design program.