Italian Decorative Paint Workshop with CUBO Paint | 01.12.2023

The workshop, organized with the contributions of the Chamber of Interior Architects Antalya Branch (İÇMOGENÇ) of TMMOB, the Italian Decorative Paint Workshop by CUBO, took place at our university on December 1, 2023, at 10:00. The workshop aimed to accelerate adaptation processes in the industry, enhance professional skills, and focus on creative themes. This experience holds significance as one of the important events conducted by our university to strengthen industry-university collaboration. Students not only reinforced their academic education with the knowledge gained during the workshop but also had the opportunity to closely follow industry developments. This collaboration not only provided students with real-world experience by building bridges between the industry and the university but also emphasized themes of creativity and collaboration.

Beyond the workshop, bringing our students together with the Chamber of Interior Architects offered them the chance to learn industry-specific current information and practice, contributing to their professional development. Additionally, these meetings provided students with the opportunity to network with industry professionals and receive mentorship, marking a significant start to their careers.