AGT Technical Trip | 22 February 2024

Antalya Bilim University Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design organized a technical trip on February 22, 2024, at 13:30 to the factory owned by AGT (Wood Developing Technology) with 4th-grade students. Our students had the opportunity to visit the firm that operates in the panel and coating sector with a sustainable approach. We would like to thank the AGT team who explained the processes observed in the production of MDF, from raw material to the final product, architect Nihal CİP, who made a presentation about materials and their usage areas, and Trade Marketing Executive Şafak ZORLU, who accompanied us for their interest.

During the trip, our students not only gained insights into materials and the production process but also had the chance to see the background of the application stages, which will be valuable as they enter business life. They experienced the interior space through coatings applied in the design showrooms. The collaboration between education and industry has been strengthened with the interaction of our students with the innovative AGT family, providing them with a significant contribution to their future careers.