Art Academy: Design Conversation with Nurettin Küçükmotor | 14 March 2024

On March 14, 2024, at 2:00 PM, a design talk titled "Dramaturgy Workshop for Stage Design" was conducted with Nurettin Küçükmotor, the founder president of Külsat Art Academy, theater artist, and art director.

In today's world, it is observed that interior architecture and environmental design are gradually spreading and evolving. With this development, the art of interior architecture finds common ground with various disciplines and collaborates in professional experience. In this context, theater art stands as one of the professional structures intersecting with interior architecture and operating under the framework of visual arts. Set and stage design stand out as one of the preparatory principles of theater art. In this regard, within the scope of the design talk with Nurettin Küçükmotor, principles of set and stage design based on literary texts in art disciplines have been discussed. Furthermore, the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration in this field has been evaluated from an artist's perspective. This conversation has provided significant insights into how early exposure to knowledge and skills in set and stage design can play a role in acquiring the necessary qualifications during the specialization process for students aspiring towards a career in this field.

When addressing versatile set and stage design based on visual arts within the context of theater, Nurettin Küçükmotor emphasizes the importance of recognizing literary works prior to projects and accurately analyzing characters, settings, time, and the subject matter of the work. In this regard, Küçükmotor conducts enjoyable and effective dramaturgy exercises with our students, aiming to specialize in this field. He encourages students interested in this area to practice analyzing, interpreting, and discussing topics given on stage through practical exercises. As he also pointed out, introducing students to set and stage design at an early stage, discussing its requirements, and merging their design capabilities with stage principles and technical equipment will always provide them with an advantage in their professional experiences, opening up different opportunities.