Design Talk with dy AI. | 20 February 2024


On February 20, 2024, at 11:00, we conducted a discussion with Elif Sarıkaya, the founder of the Artificial Intelligence School, on the topic of "Artificial Intelligence Applications in Space Design". In this engaging conversation, our students gained valuable insights into the use of artificial intelligence tools in the field of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design. Elif Sarıkaya provided practical information and examples to guide students on integrating artificial intelligence into the interior design process, serving as an inspirational source for their future projects. Alongside introducing the usage of tools with concrete and abstract examples, she also offered guidance on understanding the potential of artificial intelligence technology in interior design and how students can leverage this potential in their future careers. This event provided students with an opportunity to acquire knowledge about the innovative and evolving technology of artificial intelligence, contributing to their awareness of how technology can be effectively integrated into design processes. We extend our gratitude to Elif Sarıkaya for her valuable contributions.