Fiberli Technical Trip | 23 February 2024

Our department organized a technical trip to Fiberli LED Lighting company on February 23, 2024, at 13:30. During this trip, our Interior Architecture and Environmental Design students had the opportunity to explore the production processes and various applications of LED lighting, extending beyond the confines of interior architecture. The trip, which provided our 2nd-year students with the chance to closely examine the production and application procedures of LED lighting was conducted with excitement and intense participation. We extend our gratitude to Digital Communication and Marketing Specialist Ümit AKGÜN and his colleagues for sharing their knowledge and expertise with us throughout our journey.

Throughout the trip, our students observed the meticulous implementation of LED lighting production, control, and testing stages and the different aesthetic nuances of their usage in projects. This privileged opportunity provided by Fiberli LED Lighting company enhanced the knowledge of our Interior Architecture and Environmental Design students in the lighting sector and encouraged innovative ideas regarding the importance of lighting usage in spatial design. Our industry-university collaboration with Fiberli LED Lighting has made a lasting contribution to our students' future studies and careers.