Interdisciplinary Design Talk with YediDuyu | 13 February 2024


On February 13, 2024, at 10:00, we held a discussion titled "Making Life Easier with Senses in Autism," led by Physiotherapist Ayşen Kılınçer Çopur. This discussion focused on sensory integration and differed from activities related to indoor experience design by focusing on a distinct user group. The conversation delved deeply into crucial topics such as ways to interact with individuals with autism, understanding an individual with autism, and the characteristic features of autism. Physiotherapist Ayşen Kılınçer Çopur shared informative and instructional insights on sensory integration. These insights enabled our students to understand how individuals on the autism spectrum perceive sensory stimuli and how these stimuli affect their behaviors and experiences. Consequently, the session provided understanding of the role of indoor design in this context and how it can be optimized to enhance the quality of life for individuals on the autism spectrum. In this context, our students gained knowledge about interior design tailored to special needs, organizing sensory stimuli, color selection, sound management, and arranging spaces. The increased awareness among our Interior Architecture and Environmental Design students contributed to supporting individuals on the autism spectrum and served as inspiration and a source of information for designing accessible spaces. We express our gratitude to Physiotherapist Ayşen Kılınçer Çopur for this enlightening presentation.