Opal Yapı Technical Trip | 18 April 2024

We organized a trip to Opal Yapı company on April 18, 2024, at 1:30 PM with our 4th-year Interior Architecture and Environmental Design students. Opal Yapı is a company that always aims to be innovative and functional, and it contains various building materials within its scope. The company, which hosts various brands, made a significant contribution to our students' familiarity with the materials.

During the trip, our students not only gained insights and knowledge about materials but also enhanced their knowledge by observing the elements that constitute bathroom designs. They familiarized themselves with crucial elements such as parquets, Weber construction chemicals, bathroom products, and coatings. The collaboration between Opal Yapı and our students strengthened the relationship between education and the industry, providing a significant contribution to our students' future careers. We extend our gratitude to Opal Yapı’s General Manager, Fehmi Yıldırım, and our graduate and interior architect, Saliha Kurucay, as well as the Opal Yapı team for providing us with this opportunity and enriching our knowledge.