Tosca Technical Trip | 25 April 2024

We visited the stage of Puccini's Tosca Opera at the Antalya Hasim Iscan Cultural Center with our 4th-year Interior Architecture and Environmental Design students. During the visit held on Thursday, April 25, 2024, at 1:30 PM, our students had the opportunity to observe the setup of stage decors.

This trip, which demonstrates the importance of stage design and decor elements in the context of interior design, has provided our students with a different perspective. Witnessing the preparations behind the scenes of stage performances, our students have also learned important details they need to consider in their future work. Through this technical trip, our students have gained valuable insights into art spaces and decor elements in their educational journey. We extend our thanks to Antalya State Opera and Ballet Provincial Coordinator Seda Manaz, stage machinist Muharrem Ozyeri, and their team for providing us with this opportunity.