The balance of power has dramatically shifted over the course of history. While the countries that used to dominate the global order have become weakened and less influential, others have risen to the top to dominate global politics. The aftermath of WWII crippled Europe and a bipolar world emerged, leaving the United States and the Soviet Union as the leading global powers. The collapse of the Soviet Union left the United States as the only global superpower. With the election of Barack Obama, American foreign policy entered a new transition period, which abandoned the assertive policies of the Bush administration and further embraced soft power ideals. However, with the rise of non-state actors, pushed American foreign policy to reanalyze its use of hard power, while still emphasizing a “lead from behind approach.”


Burak KÜNTAY is the Dean of the Graduate School of Social Sciences and President of two research centers, namely School of Government and Leadership and American Studies Center. He is also the advisor of the President of Bahçeşehir University. Dr. Küntay serves as the Chairman of the Education Commission of American Turkish Council since 2010, member of Turkish American Businessman Association since 2012 and the Board Member of Turkish Tourism Investors Association since 2010. His research focuses on Turkish-US relations, US foreign policy, American governmental system and the history of the Middle East. Küntay is the author of  several books and journal articles in his subject area.